Friday, March 26, 2010

Migrating birds feed on health-food

Professors Scott McWilliams and Navindra Seeram, along with their graduate students, found that birds stopping on Block Island during migration choose to feed on the healthiest berries available, even when the birds don't eat berries during the rest of the year. This discovery, announced at a press conference at this week's American Chemical Society conference, generated widespread attention in the national and international media. Among those reporting the news were Discovery Channel News, MSNBC, Science Daily and Yahoo. Or check out these reports in Polish, German, Spanish, Japanese and Portuguese.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Professor makes sweet discoveries about maple syrup

Pharmacy Professor Navindra Seeram has made some exciting discoveries about the health benefits of maple syrup, and the announcement of his research at a meeting of the American Chemical Society has created quite the buzz. The study focused on maple syrup from Canada, and every major daily newspaper in Canada -- more than 20 of them -- reported the story, including the Toronto Star and Vancouver Sun, as well as Canada's major TV network, CBC. The story has also been reported by the Providence Journal, New London Day, International Business Times in Australia, Glamour, the Times of India, the Japan Herald, two dozen U.S. television stations, and several radio stations in Canada and the U.S. Watch a video about the research findings here.