Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Healthy Honors

University of Rhode Island Cancer Prevention Research Center Director James F. Prochaska and First Lady Michelle Obama were honored at the Society for Public Health Education's annual meeting in Arlington, Va. Prochaska was named a 2011 honorary fellow for his lifetime of achievements in improving the theoretical base of the health education field.  The Associated Press (AP) wrote an article about the awards ceremony and the news was carried nationwide. This coverage included the Washington Post, San Francisco Examiner, India Times, New England Cable News, Boston Globe, Providence Journal, and Washington Examiner as well as numerous other outlets including: Dallas Morning News, Beaumont (TX) Enterprise, The Republic (Columbus, Indiana), The Daily Journal (Johnson County, Indiana), The Times Union (Albany, NY). It was also broadcast on MSNBC, WNBC-TV 10, and FOX/WPRI-TV 12. Read the URI press release about this honor.