Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Patents, stingrays and tectonic plates

  • Research enterprise paying off in patents at URI
    Providence Business News - 3/18

  • Feeding by tourists changing wildlife ways - faculty member contributes to report showing that a popular site for feeding stingrays in the Cayman Islands is negatively affecting the stingrays
    United Press International - 3/18

  • Lost tectonic plate found beneath California - a study by a Geosciences professor sheds light on ancient geological processes. This story also appeared on Fox News and the Huffington Post. NBC News - 3/18

  • URI hosts Aging and Health Week
    Providence Journal - 3/18

  • GRRL Tech exposes 500 students to STEM industries - high school girls from throughout R.I. visit campus to learn about science, technology, engineering, math
    Providence Business News - 3/15
  • Tuition freeze, record number of applicants

    The announcement that the University would freeze tuition for the upcoming school year garnered attention in many news outlets throughout the region, including the Providence Journal, Boston Globe, Channel 10, Channel 12Providence Business News, Jamestown Press, and University Business.  The news came the same day that Rhode Island Public Radio aired a report that URI has had a record number of applicants for enrollment in the fall of 2013.