Friday, May 3, 2013

Cybersecurity symposium

The annual Cybersecurity Symposium on campus on May 2 included presentations by the entire Rhode Island Congressional delegation and a keynote presentation by alumnus Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, director of the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency. The program resulted in a front page story in the Providence Journal, as well as an Associated Press story that ran in the Boston Globe, San Francisco ChronicleChannel 10 and elsewhere. Some of the promotional coverage included New England Cable News, and Providence Business News.  The URI news release about the symposium can be found here.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Lyme disease, Opinion, Writing Conference and Microbes

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Experts' Voices on Health, Ticks, Railroads and Architecture

  • New Study of American Workers
    Daily Finance, April 30 -- Director of Cancer Prevention Research Center and Professor of Clinical and Health Psychology James O. Prochaska, comments on the importance of a groundbreaking study that looks at the overall impact of health risk behaviors. This news was carried by several media outlets nationwide.

  • How Did the Railroads Survive and Prosper?
    History News Network, April 30 -- Maury Klein is author of "Union Pacific: The Reconfiguration: America's Greatest Railroad from 1969 to the Present" and professor emeritus of history at the University of Rhode Island. Chances are that most Americans think railroads are a thing of the past ...

  • RI residents urged to stay safe from ticks, April 29 -- A Providence Journal and Associated Press story about the pending tick season has received significant attention. Thomas Mather, professor and director of the university’s Center for Vector-Borne Disease, says the number of ticks in Rhode Island was up significantly last year compared to the previous five-year average. He was also interviewed by Turnto10 and WPRI.

  • Best Anti-Aging Foods
    WebMD, April 29, -- But berries of all hues are antioxidant-rich, reports Navindra P. Seeram, Ph.D., assistant professor at the URI College of Pharmacy. That means they combat free radicals, molecules that can cause widespread cell damage

  • 101 Ways to Burn Belly Fat Fast, April 29 "Most people who have been lean their whole lives have a much better understanding of proper portion size than people who are overweight," says Deborah Riebe, Ph.D., a professor in the department of kinesiology at the University of Rhode Island

  • 15 infant dinosaurs discovered crowded in nest "The evidence suggests they may have been overrun by migrating dunes during a sandstorm," researcher David Fastovsky, a vertebrate paleontologist at the University of Rhode Island, told LiveScience. The searing hot locale in the heart of the Gobi Desert

  • How Historic Architecture Can Anchor Economic Development
    The Atlantic, April 29 -- Coverage of the session held at the Providence Campus as part of the Urbanscape program which was moderated by Marc Levitt, host and co-executive producer of the WGBH radio program Action Speaks.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Explosives Expert underscores need for new technologies

April 29, 2013, In her URI laboratory, Chemistry Professor Jimmie Oxley and her students showed New England Cable News how easy it is to make improvised bombs and why they are so difficult to detect.