Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Summer news highlights

The University of Rhode Island has been featured in a wide variety of prominent news stories this summer. The following summarizes some of the highlights:

The Guardian in London featured Prof. Holly Dunsworth in a discussion about human evolution and why childbirth is such hard labor. Dunsworth was also included in a Washington Post story about human evolution, and another in the Narragansett Times.

The Boston Globe featured Professor Thomas Mather in two feature stories about the growing problem of ticks and Lyme disease.  One story examined the public health crisis caused by the ticks, while the other examined efforts to develop a vaccine against Lyme disease.  Mather was also included in a Cape Cod Times story about a new variety of tick making an appearance in the region.

The Providence Journal featured back-to-back front-page feature stories about URI activities. The first was an in-depth story about Prof. Terry Bradley's tuna aquaculture research and his partnership with a local investor, while the second featured Prof. Robert Ballard, the Inner Space Center, and the Exploration Now program.

The announcement that URI, Rhode Island College and Brown University have proposed to redevelop the former South Street Power Station in Providence for use as a joint nursing program and other educational and commercial uses generated considerable local media attention.  Among those reporting on it were the Providence JournalProvidence Business NewsBusinessweekNew England Cable NewsBoston GlobeChannel 12Channel 6WPRO radioRhode Island Public Radio and GoLocalProv.

One recent edition of the Providence Business News included two lengthy features about URI faculty and research. The paper's Newsmakers profile highlights Prof. Gordon Dash discussing hedge funds and their use as an investment by state and local governments.  Also featured is a story about the University's  research expedition to the waters off Antarctica to study krill. That story includes an interview with Prof. Susanne Menden-Deuer.

Prof. Karl Aspelund was featured in several news outlets for his research on fashions for future space travel. Recent coverage includes stories in Rhode Island Public RadioProvidence Business News, India Daily News and AnalysisSpace News, and Popular Mechanics.

Among other prominent stories was a Glamour magazine article on dieting that includes tips from Prof. Kathleen Melanson; a tongue-in-cheek NBC News story that included Prof. Brad Seibel among those scientists who have eaten their research subjects; and the Christian Science Monitor including the URI Master Gardeners in a story about "Seven Co-ops that are Changing the Economy."

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Appointments, ticks and a garden tour

New appointments at RISD, URI
Rhode Island Public Radio - 7/16

URI dean named Sea Grant program director
Boston Globe - 7/15

RI economy improves but faces national headwinds - includes comment by Prof. Leonard Lardaro
Providence Journal - 7/15

Lardaro: 2Q performance better than previously thought
Providence Business News - 7/15

New frontier in tribal research is under water - features research by Prof. John King
Providence Business News - 7/15

A miniscule foe, a massive public health challenge - feature story about ticks includes Prof. Tom Mather
Boston Globe - 7/14

Researchers strive for vaccine against tick-borne disease - part two of feature on ticks with Prof. Tom Mather
Boston Globe - 7/14

URI to serve as climate change education hub
Boston Globe - 7/13

URI Master Gardeners hosting tour
Narragansett Times - 7/12

Weekend tour features two Bristol gardens
Barrington Times - 7/12

Test scores should inform, not punish students - op-ed by Prof. Diane Kern and Prof. Lynne Derbyshire
Providence Journal - 7/12

URI offers surf therapy to children
Providence Business News - 7/12