Thursday, May 22, 2014

Census, Climate Bill & Moths

New census figures show how R.I. population has shifted
Providence Journal, May 22, 2014
South Kingstown has benefited from a push to build more student housing on the campus of the University of Rhode Island, while Cumberland got a boost from being close to Massachusetts, where jobs have been more plentiful for much of the past decade

Time to Perk Up R.I. It's Summah fer Gawd Sakes
Rhode Island Public Radio, May 21
RIPR political analyst Scott MacKay says it's time to stop taking Rhode Island for granted. In his report, he suggests ... "If you think you’re in a dead-end job, there is no better time than the present to take courses at Community College of Rhode Island, Rhode Island College or the University of Rhode Island to learn some new skills. Unemployment and under-employment is largely a function of a lack of education and skills. At some point, you create your own opportunity..."

Senate Climate Bill Weaker Than House Version ecoRI news, May 20, 2014
University of Rhode Island physics professor Peter Nightingale said a 6 percent annual reduction in global emissions is simpler but must start immediately to ...

Experts plan to release flies to tackle winter moth problem
NBC 10 Providence May 20, 2014
Hungry Winter Moth caterpillars are taking over parts of Rhode Island. An invasive species of caterpillars is taking over large swaths of Rhode Island, and the state says if the caterpillars are not stopped, they could cause millions of dollars in damage. This news, which appeared earlier in the Providence Journal has also appeared on WCVB, Boston, Valley Breeze, The Republic.