Monday, May 12, 2014

Nursing, Polaris, and faculty experts

Board of Education to consider nursing education center proposal
Providence Journal - 5/12

Manufacturing extension now focused on growth - feature on URI Polaris manufacturing
Providence Business News - 5/12

New URI approach should yield success - editorial
Providence Business News - 5/12

Could vaccine prevent Lyme disease? - quotes Prof. Thomas Mather
Discovery Channel News - 5/12

RI seeks input for areas to be preserved or developed - highlights URI/DEM fisheries partnership
Providence Journal - 5/11

Feed tomatoes aspirin to fight disease and boost yield - quotes Prof. Rebecca Brown
Daily Mail - 5/11

Circus horror: Hair-raising heights to a terrifying crash - quotes Prof. Arun Shukla
Providence Journal - 5/11

Son’s tragic death inspires East Providencemother to graduate URI
East Providence Post – 5/9

Search for the elusive eastern spade food toad - quotes Prof. Peter Paton
Narragansett Times - 5/9

Ticks and Lyme disease: 8 myths and tips - quotes Prof. Thomas Mather
EMax Health - 5/9