Tuesday, September 8, 2015

German U-boat, engineering grant, Polaris MEP

The Associated Press reported that URI scientists and students working aboard the R/V Endeavor were exploring a sunken German U-boat. The wire story appeared on the websites of more than 200 news outlets on Sept. 4 and 5, including ABC News, NBC News, Toronto Star, China Post, WNPR in New York, Washington Post, Stars and Stripes, Boston Herald, Seattle Post-Intelligencer and New Zealand Herald. The URI news release is here.

The announcement of a $6 million grant to biomedical engineering professor Walt Besio was reported by the Providence Business News and Providence Journal on Sept. 3. The URI news release about the grant can be found here.

Providence Business News – 9/3

Rhode Island Public Radio - 9/4

Chiangrai Times - 9/5

Providence Journal - 9/6

Channel 12 - 9/6

The Associated Press reported on a grant to URI's Polaris MEP, and the story appeared on Sept. 7 in the Providence Journal, Washington Times, Channel 12 and elsewhere.